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Published Works: Journal Articles

  • Open Access Archives of Doctoral Dissertations in the Mahatma Gandhi University: A study of the feasible access by the research scholars. International Journal of Digital Library Services (IJODLS): Vol.1(2) Oct-Dec, 2011,pp.150-161: ISSN:2250-1142

    • Authors: Jasimudeen S , Maghesh Rajan M

  • The on-line resource tools for effective teaching and learning: A case study of e-books and e-journals in Mahatma Gandhi University Library. International Journal of Digital Library Services (IJODLS). Vol. 2(1). Jan - March. 2012, pp.12-28, ISSN: 2250-1142

    • Authors:Maghesh Rajan M, Jasimudeen S, Suresh Kumar TV

  • Perceptions and user access of Malayalam Theses from Mahatma Gandhi University Online Archives: A study. Malayalam Research Journal .Vol. 5(2) May-August 2012,pp.1594-1605: ISSN-0974-1984

    • Authors:Maghesh Rajan M, Jasimudeen S, Sujatha R

  • User attitudes on e-books collection in Mahatma Gandhi University Library: A case study.Information Age :Vol. 6(2), 2012, pp.20-28, ISSN:0973-7073

    • Authors:Maghesh Rajan M, Jasimudeen S, Jose Mathew T

  • Adoption and User perceptions of Koha Library management system in India.Annals of Library and Information studies,vol.59,December 2012,pp.223-230,ISSN: 0975-2404,(Online); 0972-5423

    • Authors:Vimal Kumar V, Jasimudeen S

  • Gateway of e-learning among PG Students of Kottayam District in accessing e-resources:A case study: Aureole,Vol 4,December 2012,pp.114-127 ISSN: 2249-7862

    • Authors :Maghesh Rajan, Jasimudeen S

  • Need for user centric services in Law Libraries:A study with reference to School of Indian Legal Thought, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala. International Research: Journal of Library and Information Science,Vol.3(1),April 2013,pp.134-145,ISSN:2249-0213

    • Authors: Jasimudeen S, Maghesh Rajan M, Hima P R

  • Academic Plagiarism Detection: A case study from India.Kelpro Bulletin :Vol 17(1),June 2013,pp.84-90:ISSN 0975-4911

    • Author :Jasimudeen S

  • Open Source software use in Indian Libraries:A survey:International Journal of Advanced Research in Management and Social Sciences (IJARMSS);ISSN: 2278-6236

Author :Jasimudeen S, Vimal Kumar V and Biju V V

  • A Survey on the Usage of Linux Operating System among Library and Information Science Professionals in India: Aureole, ISSN: 2249-7862(Accepted for Publication in December 2014 issue of the Journal)

  • Author :Vimal Kumar V, Jasimudeen S,